Central Illinois Title Company

145 S. Water Street, Decatur, Illinois 62523

217-422-1719 Phone - 217-422-2919 Fax


Central Illinois Title Company

v      We are a full service title company owned by the law firm of Heavner, Beyers & Mihlar, LLC.

v      Our primary area of operation covers central Illinois, but we can provide title work and services throughout the state of Illinois.

v      We are agents for Attorneys' Title Guaranty Fund, Inc., Chicago Title Insurance Company and Fidelity National Title Insurance Company.

Services offered

v      Title searches for lien search reports.

v      Commitment/Policy preparation for title insurance on sales, refinance transactions, construction loans and minutes of foreclosure on residential and commercial property.

v      Document preparation (deeds, P-tax forms, contracts, contract for deed packages, mortgages and notes, and any other real estate related documents).

v      Closings.

v      Construction payouts and lien waiver examination.

v      All other necessary title services.

Contact us

v      By phone, fax or e-mail. Office hours are from 8-5 Monday to Friday.

v      Manager: Lisa Leach, 217-424-4517, lisaleach@centraliltitlecompany.com

v      Bookkeeper: Corrine Sharp, 217-424-4823, corrinesharp@centraliltitlecompany.com

v      Order Specialists: Linda Ludwick, 217-424-4519, lindaludwick@centraliltitlecompany.com and Brandi Holtzscher, 217-424-4526, brandiholtzscher@centraliltitlecompany.com

v      REO Order Specialist: Becky Binkley, 217-424-4820, beckybinkley@centraliltitlecompany.com

v      Closing Department: Donna White, 217-424-4533, donnawhite@centraliltitlecompany.com and Donna Knop, 217-424-4516, donnaknop@centraliltitlecompany.com and Jennifer Dixon, 217-424-4572, jenniferdixon@centraliltitlecompany.com

v      REO Closing Department: Kay Riggen, 217-424-4578, kayriggen@centraliltitlecompany.com